How it works.

I've learned a lot about running a creative business over my career. It's this experience that inspired the approach I take to working with creatives to get them the projects they dream of with the budgets they deserve.

This isn't a platform. It's not a product. This isn't an app that matches freelancers with random project opportunities that may or may not be the right fit. This is a relationship between like-minded creatives who understand the value of focusing on what they do best.

Positioning and Lead Generation

I provide positioning and lead generation consultation. In order to get the projects you want, and for us to demand fair compensation for your work, you need strong positioning and the ability to generate leads through sharing your unique expertise.

This doesn't come naturally to any of us, but I will help you craft a lead generation machine that grows your business in ways you never thought possible.


No more long phone or VC calls eating up your week. Once a lead comes in, I handle every other detail of that potential project for you until it becomes a reality. This includes:
  • Qualification. I work with you to determine exactly what types of projects you'd like to take on, based on your skillset and values. I also weed out the potential clients that wouldn't treat you well and value your expertise.
  • No more distractions. I handle all the communication with potential clients, which allows you to focus on doing what you are best at- your work.
  • Negotiation. I work with you to determine your base costs and desired profit margin, then I make sure each project's budget exceeds those expectations.  
  • Value Based. Heard about Value Based Pricing and considered giving it a shot, but too overwhelmed by what it would take to pull it off? I am a plug-and-play solution for that.

Proposal Creation

I create the proposal for you, employing sales techniques that other disciplines have been leveraging for decades to make sure that the client understands the value you can provide in a way that wins you the projects you want most. I use real data to refine your proposal format to match your desired demographic.


What do you do if the client pushes back on your recommended budget? What if they what you to fit more scope into less time? How about if they don't want you to share your work after the project has finished?

Leave all that to me. I'll make sure you get the budget you wanted with timelines that allow you to do your best work while protecting the terms you care about most. No more feeling like you're getting taken advantage of by potential clients.


I'll work with you to create a contract format that is fair, clear, and protects both you and the client. I'll make sure that the terms of each engagement protect you now and in the future.


With few exceptions, I will make sure you get paid up-front, in full, for the entire price of the project. No more holding files ransom. No more working for long periods without getting paid. No more cashflow issues.

Get in touch.

I'm currently booked-up and not accepting new clients, but if you'd like to join the waiting list or simply want to chat, drop me a line.

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